Using a rectal thermometer to check the Human Condition

New Yorker by day, reeling introvert by night; my name is James Henley and I am writing a blog as medial as a space heater.  Forewarned, I am not a clever man that can articulate words into cunning jabs; I am a baseless character that finds a way to offend even the most immoral of sots.  In an odd twist of fate, I actually love people and culture.  The title of this blog refers to the daily trudge to realize the dream we never really knew we had.  We all have these obscure life goals that are sidelined by bigger problems; we reshape our lives and hang on to that dream.  At the end of the day, that dream may not have come true, but daggummit something is in its place.  Those small moments of pure happiness that you experience each day is part of the actualization.  The dream isn’t gone, it just keeps reshaping.  We need to love what we have now.

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2 thoughts on “Using a rectal thermometer to check the Human Condition”

  1. Brilliantly, perfectly verbalized James. I’m inspired. Thank you.

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