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“The Tiger and Me” is a profoundly under appreciated Aussie Sextet that infuses European Gypsy with folk. Beautifully anachronistic, the group’s music is as much a visual exhibit as an auditory experience. Reminiscent of the Le Chat Noir, “I Left the Wolves Behind That Night” pours with the undertones of a cabaret for the damned. The haunting vocals and tearful strings are pronounced by the steady marching beat while the accordion officiates the pitch with its dynamic flair.

The band hails from the Southernmost city in Australia, the beautiful port city of Melbourne, prided for being the cultural capital of the country. The video itself was shot live through the side streets of the city that seem reminiscent of New Orleans’ French Quarter or the old Caribbean. To us Americans and most of Western Europe, the cultural explosion that is taking place far from our coasts is going all but unnoticed, yet the city still pulsates with life and importance. It is only a matter of time until we recognize its brilliance.